With over 15 years of business and systems integration experience, Granko, Inc. is the solution to a home designed for lifestyles of today and prepared for lifestyles of tomorrow.

Granko, Inc. is the leader in home integration, specializing in the installation of home theater, home automation, structured wiring, multi-room audio, lighting and climate control, telephone and CCTV systems and more – staying on the cutting edge of technology while meeting the ever-changing needs of our customers.

We recognize the special care and attention to detail needed when building your dream home.


Founder & Owner

Ultimately what we create is something good looking, technically complex, but with an end result so simple a kid can operate it.

One thing sets us apart: We do what we say. We have a lot of integrity, and we want to see customers satisfied. My nature is to listen, to be patient, and to use my years of technology skill to give the customer what they want. We stick to our guns and we stick to our bids—if we need to learn something new, we don’t pass that along as increased cost for the client.

I love it when clients refer us to their friends. Often they say something like, “You need to use Ryan–we struggled, we had so many people who couldn’t figure it out, but he got it done, super quickly, and it’s great.”

What drives me is solving problems–coming up against a new project that has obstacles to overcome is great! A design issue, or a finding a new way to use technology, the challenge of making our customers’ ideas come to life, I love them all. Sometimes we need to make the AV suit a home’s unique decorative look and feel. Sometimes it’s fixing a design issue. Sometimes it’s a unique way to trim or locate a huge TV. Everyone wants technology, and no one wants it to be intrusive. We always look for creative ways to make the “box” fit the environment, recessed in wall with art that drops in front, or out of ceiling. We make the living space work with the technology.

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I was born in California, and grew up in upstate New York. As a kid, I always had curiosity about how things work and especially how electronic things work. I started taking apart toys and trying to figure how to put them back together. As I got older, I could take machines apart and make them work again. I moved back to California while in college, pursuing my EE degree, and started work as an optical technician.

IT became my primary role pretty quickly, when my employer asked me to build and install networking systems for multiple locations. By 2003 I had started my own business, Granko Consulting, which was focused on small businesses, with a few residential customers.

I soon discovered that my real love is working on residential projects. Helping owners realize a vision for their personal networks, coming up with creative solutions, making a dream become a reality—that’s what gives me huge personal and professional satisfaction.

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Anthony Granko

Project Manager
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Clancy Coakley

Senior Programmer
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Nick Johnson

Custom Installer
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Robin Granko

Financial Operations
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Ryan Granko

Owner & CEO
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Cesar Navarro

AV Technician

What can I say? They’re great! I highly recommend them.

Clancy Coakley, Granko AV Senior Programer, reprogramed our Universal Remote TV control. Then he integrated our audio system with the TV. Next he tweaked two Amazon Taps so they worked perfectly. Then Clancy reprogramed our upstairs AT&T TV control. He did all this in two hours for $300. Amazing!

I called Robin Granko, the office manager, six days later. Granko boldly guarantees 100% satisfaction. I told Robin I was only 98% satisfied.

Clancy returned Jan. 14th to tweak AV system. He cheerfully changed CNN on Universal Remote from standard definition to HD. Then he switched downstairs TV audio from TV set to ceiling speakers. It took 15 minutes to 100% satisfy me. No charge.

Thanks to Granko, my AV system works flawlessly. What can I say? They’re great! I highly recommend them.

Ray Brown

Professional, Knowledgeable, and Efficient

Thank you for jumping on this for us and reacting super fast too. The Sonos Tech you sent was terrific. Very professional, knowledgeable, and efficient. He sourced the problem quickly, made the fix and tuned up the Sonos in both rooms. We plan on using Granko for any future home entertainment needs in the future and will refer whenever possible. Great work!

Sil & Eileen

Great Job Today!

Your team did a great job. The music is amazing. Nick was also very proactive and helpful setting up DirecTV for success by initiating a diagram to follow. I really appreciated it!


You guys are impressive!

Thank you, I sincerely appreciate everything, I’d like to tell the whole state about the courtesy, professionalism, timeliness etc.. you guys are impressive!