Wishing you and everyone at Granko even more success than you’ll obvious have in 2021! 

If there was ever a moment when my faith in American business was restored, it was when Nick Johnson walked in the door to enlighten and install the new television gifted to me by my sister—an amazing thing unto itself. I cannot forget that my dear friends Kelsey and Erick gifted the installation on this project, and that, too, was a beautiful thing.

Although in the late 1970s I was on the first wave of the desktop and microcomputer revolution, and I can master a new app pretty quickly, I am a complete and total idiot when it comes to television, radio, video: all the fun stuff. I could no more turn on a television and choose a station outside Turner and the top three broadcasters than I can run a marathon. “Clueless” would be a compliment.

Nick, with intelligence, patience, kindness, and expertise, brought me into the twenty-first century. And I so appreciate it.

But it was more than that: he made sure that Comcast did the right thing. Nick followed through to the bitter end with them and the results were astonishing. At one point, I saw the Comcast guy (who had no clue what he walked into) and Nick outside near the Comcast van in a long discussion about something.  I was the beneficiary of that conversation, in which Nick pointed out that I had been charged for years with services it would’ve been impossible for me to enjoy as I didn’t have the equipment and could never have known HOW to use it if I had it. Nick’s conversation, and his insistence on being present until the changes were implemented, saved me hundreds of dollars a month.

Further, he made sure I could point the damned clicker at the TV and get this or that or the other thing to happen! After I gave up feeling like an eedjit, I realized his patience had been the key. He didn’t condescend or even giggle (which he so could have!) and he made sure I could manipulate the monster before he left after the second, follow-through appointment.

All of this is to say that Nick truly embodies the kind of employee that every business—large or small—dreams about. He is an asset to your business in every way: from his open, friendly walk through the door to his expertise and attention to business detail. He represents Granko beautifully. What a fortunate firm to employ him! Don’t tell him, of course…wait, yes, maybe you should. Add money and tell him.

I also want to thank Robin for her communication and follow-through. Delightful, and right on top of everything, especially when Comcast tried an end-run around Granko by making appointments without telling you or me. Thank you for sending him to handle much more than the installation of a home system. I wish I had some inside and insight from my misspent youth and could direct you to a huge black ops contract, alas!

Wishing you and everyone at Granko even more success than you’ll obvious have in 2021!